Thank Yous

I have received thousands of wonderful letters from my clients expressing gratitude and joy. Here are just a few of them:

Thank you for playing a vital role in the most amazing experience of our lives.’s  Each prenatal visit, every email and phone call, every hugs and smile  – helped make my pregnancy wonderful.  Caleb’s birth has empowered us all and touched so many people. I’m so grateful to know you and am blessed to have you as my midwife.

Carrie – home birth mom


I feel so blessed to have met you and extremely lucky to have had your as a midwife. Connecting with you, I didn’t even have to go through the headache of looking for providers, calling and interviewing them again…because of that I think there was a divine hand behind our meeting. You are blessed for all the good you do for moms and babies.

Eika  – HBAC mom


We are so thankful that you are in our lives and helped us have a wonderful, peaceful home birth, taught us so much about everything from nutrition to how to take care of our precious angel, and are always there if we have any questions. We truly appreciate everything that you do!

Love, Anna  – first baby


Nancy is my midwife: she attended both of my sons’ births both of which were planned, gentle births at home. I feel so blessed. I learned yesterday that five women have shown up on Nancy’s doorstep in labor and birthed in HER home… three of whom she had never met before [and two who were VBACs]. She is truly a magnificent lady who provides a comforting environment and a safe option for parents who don’t want a medical labor and delivery. Natural birth is a beautiful thing. I love you, Nancy, and thank you for being YOU!!!  

– Kathryn, home birth mom


Nancy is a very special woman who has dedicated her life to empowering women, providing them with support, confidence and education to have beautiful home births. The love she radiates from within her is rare is rare and should be celebrated…. The birthdays for both of my daughters are two of the best days of my life. Nancy was very much a part of making those days so sacred to me and  my family. Nancy, we treasure you and love you!  

– Nicole, home birth mom


I am writing to express my gratitude for your kindness and expert care you have given to my daughter as she’s traveled across these Great United States [to use you as a midwife again]. I know it has given Margaux and Sean and peace of mind throughout her pregnancy [knowing that you will be by her side for this birth, too]. I also can assure you that it has given me great peace of mind as well, including her family’s peace of mind, to know that she is such excellent hands as yours. We are all very grateful for your loving expert devoted care to Our Margaux.

– Lynne, grandmother

divider_halfMy birth was the BEST experience. I want to go back and do it all over again! I am so so thankful for you and [your “team”]. It was even more special than my wedding day. We I definitely want more kids!!

– Emily

divider_halfBeing at that birth [ with you last night] was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done in my life and it definitely solidified that I’m meant to be a midwife. I am extremely honored to learn from such an experienced and accomplished midwife as yourself. I can’t thank you enough!

– Ellen, student midwife

divider_halfBased on the articles on your website, and some very deep meditation and consideration, we decided not to circumcise (as I like to call it “mutilate”) my darling boy. He’s a glorious, happy, wonderful, fully intact little 12 week old blessing! … I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciated all of your advice and the different perspective you gave me at a really crucial time. I don’t really believe in coincidences, so I really think the Universe brought us together for you to deliver a message.

– Morgen, first time mother

divider_halfThere is no way we can ever thank you enough for the competence, compassion, support, and confidence you’ve given us through the pregnancy and birth of our two children. We are so lucky that you do what you do – I wish everyone could have the experience we’ve had with you. We will never forget how much you did to help bring our little treasures into our lives. Thank you a million times.
- Love, Lila and Eugene Throughout the night, there you were, breathing with me, listening to my baby, reassuring me, feeding me, reminding me what this was all about, and helping me to stay focused and positive. I will never forget your soothing voice or touch at my birth – you whisper magic that makes miracles happen. And now the real fun begins – bringing up this baby!

– Rachel, first baby, home birth

divider_halfDearest Nancy,

I don’t think there are enough words in the English dictionary to adequately thank you for what you have given us — but we’ll try. Thank you for your care, love and concern at every step of the way. Thank you for your devotion. Thank you for your amazing midwifery skills. But most of all, thank you for believing in me. We almost gave up hope in finding the right person to attend our birth, but you were clearly a messenger from God, and we thank Him every day for his wonderful gift.

– All our love, E, P and he kiddies! (home birth after three cesareans, two weeks and one day past the “due” date)

divider_halfI was so blessed to have you as my Midwife for both my births… You will always have my heart. I love you very much and because of you my birth experiences were the most incredible, empowering, glorious and loving experiences I have ever had in my life. Thank you for all you have done for me and people everywhere. You are a real blessing!

- Lynne Hurley Harvey

divider_halfThe most important gift you gave me was the confidence to trust myself and my strengths. Without you, I most certainly would have been cut again. Jamie’s birth not only gave me my precious son, but it gave me my body back again. You have made a profound difference in my life. I will never be the same. I can move mountains now.

– Cheryl, home birth after cesarean

divider_halfWhenever I study our precious Mia, being ever so thankful for her and the incredible blessing she brings to every member of our family, I cannot help but be reminded of her peaceful entrance into our lives. I am so gratdul for the beautiful opportunity we had to welcome her into our family right here in our home! It was a pleasure beyond words to work with you, Nancy. And I thank you for all you represent to countless expecting mothers seeking a truly natural, self-respecting, non invasive journey from conception on through pregnancy to the ultimate experience of birth. I am so grateful to you for all your support and encouragement; you are channel of blessing to many.

– Wendy

divider_halfIt is so hard to put into words the thanks I want to give. We were so incredibly blessed to have you as our midwife. Your careful attention, love and guidance throughout the pregnancy and fabulous support and care during the birth truly made it a wonderful experience… I am looking forward to doing a home birth with you all over again with the next one!

- Rebekah, home birth, first baby, nine pounds four ounces

divider_halfI had so many questions! You were always available with a suggestion and a word of encouragement. Labor was challenging, but this was the most exciting, exhilarating, awe-inspiring thing I have ever done. I was treated with dignity and respect, and my baby didn’t ever leave my side. Thank you!

– Judith, waterbirth at home

divider_halfBeing “first-timers,” Wendy and I danced between our own thoughts — what we believed the experience should be — and what most in our society think it should be. Your words resonated within us and gave us the confidence to follow our own path. During our first visit, I saw nothing but sincerity and care. It was clear to me that every word you uttered, and every touch, had Wendy’s concern at their core. At the end of the day, we made our own decision to ask you to be our midwife, but really, did we ever have a choice?

- Stephen, father to Emma

divider_halfThank you so much for being a wonderful midwife. The care you provided during my pregnancy and labor was excellent. I loved how you instilled confidence in me to believe in my body’s ability to make and birth a healthy baby. I am grateful that there are women like you who are willing to fight the tide for what you believe is right. Bringing each of my three boys into the world has been a magnificent experience and I am so grateful for your part in making it special. Thanks again for helping us have beautiful home/waterbirths.

– Love, Florence, Peter, Isaac, Caleb and Josiah

divider_halfThank you for your competence and your confidence. When I felt fear and had doubts your positive energy literally lifted me and carried me through… We have learned so much from you – it’s been life changing. You helped make my wife’s dream come true, a dream I came to share. You’ve made a place for yourself in our hearts. A million thank-you’s!

– Doug

divider_halfOh my God! Where do we begin? “Thank you” sure doesn’t do it. You are amazing. Your never ending energy is a marvel and an inspiration. Thanks for making my dream birth a reality. I want to sing to the treetops. You have and are changing our world and that’s so cool. We have our hats off to you and your sweet life!

– Love, Victoria, Peter and Kay

divider_halfNow that our beautiful homebirth baby boy is four days old, I want to compose my thoughts about the experience. From start to finish it was wonderful! The class we took with you make me think that VBAC in a positive environment was possible after all. I loved the prenatal visits, too. I always felt rejuvenated on my way home. What you really gave to me was myself again. I didn’t fully realize how the cesarean had undermined my soul and heart. Now that I birthed [at home] I feel like I can really be myself – strong and powerful again. You have given me such an incredible gift that I can never really thank you in words. Your love and faith in my ability made the whole thing possible. I was thinking that in our culture women turn to drugs during labor because they don’t feel enough love around them. In this sense, you are a true midwife, acting out of your heart. I am so glad we found you!

- Love and kisses always, Corry

divider_halfThe care you gave us was more than I could have expected and everything I could want. I feel honored to have been able to share such an important time in my life with you. The birth was everything I had hoped it could be. You helped give me the confidence and strength to take responsibility for my family and myself, which extends beyond my pregnancy and birth experience…. Thomas is a wonderful, content baby. I have been a better mother and wife to my family since I have had such an easy postpartum time, thanks mainly to you. Jack was also a happy baby and a happy confident child. I believe it is greatly due to his gentle loving start in life. Thank you for helping us – you have helped give us a healthy, happy family and Dan and I want to thank you for such a precious gift.

– Love, Melanie and Dan

divider_halfI cannot begin to thank you enough for all you have done to help me have the pregnancies and births I have always wanted…. it is so important to know there is someone in my life who understands fully how important this adventure has been to me. Thank you will all my heart.

– Andrea

divider_halfDear Nancy,

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we did creating it!

 – Alyssa, John, Ariel, Brennan, & Dante

divider_halfWords don’t begin to express how incredibly grateful we were to have yo as our midwife. Elijah’s birth was so incredible, beautiful, awesome – too many words and none of them come close to capturing the feelings we both have about the wonder of our experience. It was truly the birth of my dreams….When I was lost in the throes of [labor], your focus and energy and voice really calmed and centered me through those final surges before pushing. I will never forget that, nor all your loving affection not only during labor but also throughout our pergnancy. You make me really look forward to doing it again. You are truly the midwife’s midwife!

– Kristina and Toby, first baby. [ Kristina is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and is studying to become a midwife.]

divider_halfI am a traditional midwife in Minneapolis, MN and although I’m sure you already know this, I would just like to share with you that your books and encouragement are still touching families and preventing surgeries.

My first son was born via C/section in 1995 after I had planned to birth at home. After several days of labor and hours of pushing, my midwife didn’t know what else to try so we went in. Although I later came to realize that her skills and experience might not have been what I was led to believe, his 16” head and posterior position probably had more to do with the course of events. 🙂 Long story short, I went on to hospital VBAC and two home births… as well as a midwifery apprenticeship and eventual home birth “practice”.

I now attend many mothers seeking VBAC. Mothers of all shapes and sizes, babies of all shapes and sizes too! Mothers with multiple Cesarean experiences, uterine anomalies, those who go to 43 weeks every time. Single layer uterine closures, babies close together, big beautiful women. First babies who needed all that labor to rotate and get pointy heads, and who surely would have been born through surgery had their mothers been in a hospital. Thank you for the wisdom you have shared in your books; your trust in birth has been contagious.

Last month I helped a mother have a VBAC after 4 Cesareans, all single layer uterine closures. Sadly, I was the only midwife in the area who would consider working with her. Of course she had been told her pelvis wouldn’t even accommodate a baby of 6 pounds, but her 9 lb 2 oz boy was born at home. It wasn’t easy but it was birth and it was hers.

Looking forward to your new book, in due time, when it has chosen its birthday!

– Vanessa

divider_halfDear Nancy,

My name is Sherryl. 24 years ago I read Silent Knife and you led me down a new and exciting fork in the road of life.

I have been cleaning out my office and just pored over a whole drawer full of childbirth info. And I wondered ….. what’s Nancy Wainer up to? So, sidetracked as I was, off to the computer I went to search.

I am thrilled to find you 1500 births later! Your website brought a lump to my throat as I imagine all the women you have been encouraging and caring for with your special love and humor. You still make me laugh and marvel at your wisdom and unique way of viewing the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth.

So, I am one person you have influenced which in turn influenced Debi & Brad, Terri & Lloyd, Sally & Steve, Olga & Andy, Carrie & Paul, Karen & Rich, Josie & Bill, Cheri & Eric, Michele & Gavin, Michelle & Steve, and hopefully someday my own daughters ……. well, it’s not 1500, but I am proud to have been sparked by you to carry the torch and help these couples have beautiful births!

My story, in brief, was a cesarean with my firstborn and when pregnant with my 2nd, found your book. Changed my outlook entirely; I remember so clearly crying when I read that my body was whole and healthy and capable. I was determined to find someone who would assist my body rather than manage its know-how. From OB/GYN to Gen Practitioner to Female OB to lay midwife found at the end of my 8th month. She had never done a VBAC, but upon visiting her in person, I apparently convinced her I was quite serious about doing this. We were in Kentucky at the time. The midwife and her apprentice were wonderful and changed my life forever. Elizabeth was born at home. Upon our return to Wyoming, I had two more children both delivered by myself with my husband’s assistance. Nearest midwife was 3 hours away in Montana and during my second pregnancy I had read about DIY and couldn’t shake it when we had the Wyoming birthing environment to deal with. I treated myself to BEST chiropractic adjustments monthly. My caregiver was completely supportive and he and his wife went on to deliver their next 2 at home. (His wife had had 3 cesareans!!) Our third birth was a footling breech; the last prenatal visit had indicated head first, so we were surprised and thank goodness for Michele Odent’s work! My husband and I took turns being confident & unconfident, but we knew in our hearts we were going down the path we were intended… Our fourth birth was so easy, I questioned my husband’s turning on the tape recorder when I expected the birth to be several hours away — she was born 10 minutes later!

Thank you, Nancy, for your life’s work.

Many blessings to you & love always.
 – Sherryl


Words cannot express the love and gratitude we feel towards you! Since we have met you,  you have shone a special light on our pregnancy. You provided us with unconditional support and confidence that we needed to have the home birth that was right for us. You are a warm, loving and amazing midwife and we love you. You made our daughter’s birth day so special.

Nicole and Michael – home birth parents


So many women have been touched by your work in birth including me. We are grateful for your presence on this earth.

Cathy – VBAC mom and director of Birth Works International


I’m from Russia, I arrived at the other end of the earth to give birth with Nancy. She is wonderful, sensitive and a very experienced midwife. I trusted her with myself and my son. And never for a moment regretted.  

– Valentina


We had the best experience we could have imagined! An easy quick birth, with everything as we wanted – low lights, quiet apartment, everyone present was welcome to be there, and in our own water birth tub and dechlorinated water (I know I’m crazy) Our little boy came to us in the best way possible! And we made some amazing friends in the process 🙂 This was our frist so we can’t ompare other than to what we hear and read. After all the stories we heard of hospital births we can’t ge more happy with our decision [made at 37 weeks of pregnancy]. We were with [a hospital in the area] because, initially, we thought they may be different. They aren’t.  

– K and K


Although I did not end up pursuing midwifery, I feel so beyond lucky to have apprenticed with the amazing Nancy for two years. She taught me more than she will ever know ( especially because I have worked as an RN for 11 years). She opened  my eyes to so, so much and I love her so very much. She is one special woman.    



I felt safe, strong, loved and supported. I had trust in myself and my baby. By the time I realized I was in  “real” labor, three hours later I was holding my son [and this was our first baby!].  I thank my partner and our amazing midwife, Nancy Wainer.  

– Sukari, home birth mom


See what amazing energy you have, Nancy. The mammas just know that they can trust and count on you.  

– Lauren, home birth mom


You are one of a kind, Nancy, and how I wish you weren’t. You have changed so many lives. What a lucky family to have the birth story – of their baby born in your home –  to tell their child.

Cynthia, home birth mom and childbirth educator


Today is Daniel’s first birthday. One year and two weeks ago, I was sitting and crying because all plans had failed and I thought I would have to give birth in the hospital or unassisted. Then I called you, and everything changed. …He is wonderful. He is such a joy, Nancy. I can’t start to describe the happiness and the good change he has brought to our family. …The memory of the overall birth experience is of one of the most empowering experiences of my life, and you and [your assistants] were such an important part of it. It would not have been like this without your presence. This is another gift that you gave me, one that will last forever. I am so grateful for it, Nancy.

– Tami from CT

divider_halfThank you for allowing me to have the birth of my dreams, I couldn’t have asked for better support and expertise during my pregnancy and Sawyer’s birth.

– Vicki – second baby, waterbirth

divider_halfAmidst the hustle and bustle of our busy world, you provided a quiet, peaceful haven for my grandson to enter the world and for my daughter and son in law to rejoice. Your presence, your love and your way helped there to be perfect moments among those long and occasionally difficult hours. I send these words to you from my heart.

– Lydia, Labor & Delivery RN, present for the home birth of her first grandchild

My heart swells and I feel deepest respect, pride and honor whenever I utter your name. You are a strong woman who empowered me to make my decision against all negativity surrounding me prior to bringing Amelie into this world. You helped me to take a stand for what I want and to stand on my own two feet and experience a birth that I would do all over again (even in the midst of the strongest surges the team kept me focused and cheered me on). If only I had the privilege of delivering [my first born] in your presence as well. You made a dream come true for me. The people that were so opposed to me having a homebirth are now shouting it from the rooftops. My husband has called every last member of his family to brag about our homebirth and how amazing you, and your “team” were. He spoke about it all night. With tears of so much joy I thank you soooooo much. I was more privileged having you. May God continue to bless you, you have changed lives. I can’t wait for the day that I too can say that I am a midwife.

– Shirley (RN who is planning on becoming a home birth midwife)

divider_halfI am eternally grateful to you and your team for providing the possibility for his birth to be as it was, as they all should be. After you all left on Monday morning after the birth, Josh fell asleep, I was sitting up in the bed next to him holding Anthony, the birds started chirping and all I could think was…. ‘it couldn’t possibly get better then this’. Thank you, thank you.

– Tracie

divider_halfYou get all that much more credit in my eyes for being a calm and amazing healthcare provider in a world that needs you so much, even when that world may not fully recognize that need.

– Angela, VBAC waterbirth

divider_halfThank you soo much for being the guide and expert that I needed so and for your quick acting and unbelievable support! I feel so human!!!I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so glad you do!

Lots of love,
 – Beth ( second baby, 10 pounds 2 ounces, first home birth)

divider_halfWow! What an amazing birth! We are so thankful to have had your support and encouragement for yet another pregnancy, labor and delivery….This birth brought be full circle and left me feeling fulfilled and incredibly blessed with no apprehension – I was created to do this!….I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to work with a birth team who supports our views on birth and is so “hands off.” You cam to my birth as if you were coming to a quilting bee and [within hours] had packed up your things and left. It is absolutely unfathomable in our society of ERs, bright lights, and fetal monitors – and yet I felt so safe, so loved and so supported. I know that your work has blessed thousands of women around the world and I am so thankful that i can be another part of that!

– Rebecca, for all of us

divider_halfI am overjoyed that your number was the first that I dialed on the HypnoBirthing instructors list for MA. You are an amazing practioner, teach and person. I am blessed to know you and have you in my life. Thank you for making my homebirth possible. We all know where I was headed before that.

– Shirley

divider_halfThis is my first thank you note because I am only three days old…Thank you for helping my mommy to deliver me. She and my daddy feel so luck and grateful to have had the best midwife team in the world. I know that the gentle nature of my birth will last my family a lifetime. Thank you for making that happen for us.

– Kennedy

divider_halfThanks for being here with all your wisdom and love and help me have the best birth and experience of my life. I am beyond happy!!!! And I cannot believe that I birthed baby our son at home in my own bedroom after two cesareans!

- Bruna

divider_halfI was thinking about you all day on the 15th since it was Ruben’s 8th birthday! I love reminiscing and remembering that beautiful evening with love all around me and your sweet voice helping me through! Can’t believe it’s been 8 years (and almost 11 since Zane’s [HBAC] birth!!!!) You will always, always hold such a special place in my heart.

- Allyson

divider_halfI just want to say thank you. I actually met you at the First Family Wellness conference in Philly in 2008 when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby and I spoke to you after your lecture. You invited me to come to lunch with you and your midwife friends. That conversation put me on the path to my home birth, which put me on the path to becoming a doula and childbirth educator. I am now pregnant with my 3rd and planning our 2nd home birth with a wonderful CPM…. Thank you for being the words of encouragement I needed to pursue what was in my heart at that time in my life. If it weren’t for you and your friends and what you all said to me that day, I might not have taken the chance on changing my own experience of birth and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, doing birth work and supporting women to find their way as well…You can never underestimate the unknown positive influence you can have on someone’s life, just by offering a few heartfelt, passionate words. Thanks for doing that for me.

– Heather

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to your ongoing commitment to women. It’s unbelievable you were willing to travel so far to help B to have a HBA2C. I was her childbirth educator and from what I understand, it was a beautiful, gentle birth. This was according to my good friend, who was [one of her support people at the birth]. You are a “miracle worker” because your work is done not with standard midwifery practices, but with your “determined love”.

- Cynthia

divider_halfI had a challenging labor and I shudder to think what would have been had I not been surrounded by such an amazing support team. As challenging as the birth was, it truly changed my outlook on life and myself. It gave me a stronger confidence in myself. I know in my heart if I did that “I can do anything. Mount Everest – bring it on! :)”… We went into birthing at home so we could give our children the gentlest of beginning. Little did we know how much more we would gain from this experience.”

– Molly – first baby, homebirth, 9 pounds 8 ounces, pregnant and planning her second homebirth

divider_halfI’ll never be able to thank you enough for your help bringing Emma into the world in such a wonderful way AND [Mike, she was the one who emphasized the AND so please keep it that way] for simply existing in the world and teaching a new generation of mothers and midwives that home birth is possible and preferable.

- Jen, HBAC – ( Note: Jen and her family came from New York to birth in Boston)

divider_halfThank you so much for making my home birth possible. It was the greatest experience of my life. Your words were so encouraging throughout my birthing process. I am feeling strong today and well rested granted I barely slept. I love my Amariah! What a surprise to see a girl come out!

– Ashley – first baby

divider_halfI have to thank you,thank you… I feel so grateful for everything you’ve done. Just being who you are and being willing to DO, to follow your heart and your gut and your love for birth and for others…it is an example to everyone and it also personally changed my life… I told my eight year old that I felt like myself again after many many years. She said, “It’s because you took control back from the doctors and hospitals and people calling you crazy” – beyond her years that one!

– Tracey, VBAC mom who showed up on my doorstep in active labor by surprise and birthed in my house

divider_halfThursday evening’s event [where you were the guest speaker] was absolutely inspiring. Women of all shapes and sizes filled a glowing room. Your words rang with laughter and courage, as well as concern and poignancy as you reveled in the world of women’s wisdom and female empowerment. In your own words, it is you….who holds sacred the task of “birth preserver”.

- Stephanie

divider_halfI don’t know how to begin to thank you. When I met you and heard you speak on Thursday night I knew I had to come back and hear you again the next Within moments of you opening your mouth, I whispered to my friend “I know I sound like a complete dork, but I want Nancy to go to lunch with me and be my new best friend.” I realize I expose my inner dork and am almost certainly oversharing by telling you that I said this. But I just instantly connected to you as a person. I thought, “Wow, she gets birth in a way I have never, ever heard spoken before.”…. You are such an effusive and welcoming person, yet I still wanted so badly for you to know immediately that I also “got it”. I had to leave early tonight to get back to CT to put my 2 year old to bed. I wish I could have stayed to hear you speak forever. From the bottom of my heart Nancy I send you all the love and gratitude in the world. As I sit here in tears, both happy and sad, I feel a sense of peace I haven’t had since before my C-section. I hope to continue to be in your presence, and to know you in the future. (Who am I kidding, I’ve already pictured you in my home receiving my baby.) But if that is not what God intends, I am already blessed by the gifts you have already given me.

– Ann

divider_halfThank you, thank you, thank you for giving us the amazing gift of your presence and thoughtful wisdom that you so generously share with what seems like an endless supply of kindness. I feel so energized by your talk [this weekend] that I can’t wait to do more! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have had you speak to our group in person…I am looking forward to figuring out new ways that we can collaborate in the future, this new connection to you feels like such an important new chapter for our group and the birth community here in the tri-state area, I can’t wait to see what we can cook up next and how big of an [impact] we can make! Much love and appreciation for all you did for us this weekend and for all the Mom’s you’ve never met but have inspired to fight the good fight!

– Lauren, Westchester NY ICAN Co-leader


You are amazing!! It is impossible to thank you enough for all of your love, support and guidance in helping us create a beautiful homebirth. Our experience with you and your midwife team is one we’ll carry with us forever. We feel so fortunate to have found you adn couldn’t imagine our pregnancy and birth without you – you were there every step of the way with patience and kind words.

– Love, Ellie, Andre and Forrest


Thanks for all the love and support you provide us. I truly believe you had a HUGE part in making my pregnancy such a blissful time in my life, making [our daughter’s] birth the birth of a new family, and making motherhood (with all it’s millions of questions) a life long journey I’m privileged to experience.

– Grish, first time mother, home birth


You have become more than my family’s midwife, you have morphed into someone I would never want to lose from my life Your guidance, support, mentorship and devotion to my well-bring and education in the field could not be more appreciated, Nancy.

– Jennifer, doula, VBAC home waterbirth


You have changed our lives, Nancy Wainer!! You will forever be a part of our story! There are not enough words to tell you how much we adore you and that can even begin to show our gratitude.

– Love, love, love M and TJ ( home birth after 2 cesareans)


I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You are the best midwife I have ever had and you have a fabulous team.

- Rachele, mother of four, home birther


God bless your hands and the work that you do every day to help bring babies safely into the world. We bless you and pray for you constantly because what you did for us brought this loving and talented boy to us safely and helped to heal our family from the wound of unempowerment.

– Haydee and Steve ( Home birth after cesarean)