…because love helps babies to be born


As home birth midwives…

…we provide skilled, individualized, and loving care to birthing women. We are committed to educating the pregnant woman and assisting her through natural, preventative, holistic, and nutritional means. We are respectful of the physiological, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and cultural aspects of the labor process. We recognize that birth is not an illness; it is a natural life process.

We allow time at prenatal appointments to build a personalized, warm, trusting relationship. We attend the labor and delivery in its entirety, continuously monitoring the mother and baby, and do postpartum follow-up. We are trained to recognize deviations from normal, equipped to handle various situations, and make appropriate referrals when necessary. We understand that birth is an important and sacred event — the effects last a lifetime.

Birth Day is dedicated to the apprenticeship model of midwifery: we are committed to providing aspiring midwives with an opportunity to gain experience with home birth. Two apprentice midwives train concurrently (and our clients are wild about them!). It is always each individual woman’s decision as to how much contact she has with the students. Whatever your comfort level, you can be proud that you are contributing to the creation of a new midwife!

Photo by Caryn Scanlan | www.carynscanlan.com

Why Have a Home Birth?

  • A calm, familiar environment is the most natural setting for a birth; there are no strangers, no “shift changes”, no arbitrary time limits, no routine technological procedures, and no medical interferences.
  • Home birth is legal in all 50 states
  • No need to travel home from the hospital with your newborn — you’re already there!
  • Being relaxed contributes to shorter, easier labors, increased maternal confidence, and improved outcomes for both mother and child.
  • Home birth provides far more control and many more choices for a birthing woman, choices which are designed for the woman’s well-being and comfort, not for the convenience of a doctor or obstetrical staff.
  • It is well-documented that planned home birth is a safe choice for healthy women; 80% of the births in the world occur at home. There is significantly less risk of infection and hemorrhage.
  • We make it a priority to assist the mother to birth without injury or trauma.
  • Costs are significantly lower (many insurance companies cover midwifery costs).
  • Parents and babies are not separated at home births!
  • Birth at home is an intimate, peaceful and joyous celebration!

Services Provided:

  • Home Birth
  • Blissborn Childbirth
  • Comprehensive prenatal / postpartum care
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Breastfeeding information and counseling
  • Hospital labor support
  • Waterbirth
  • Pregnancy tests and lab work
  • Herbs, homeopathy, & aromatherapy
  • Relaxation and massage
  • Childbirth-related workshops
  • Newborn screening exams
  • Insurance billing

*We now accept major credit cards

Please note that Birth Day Midwifery often has wonderful student midwives who are training here. Last year, there were exceptional students from the United States, Finland, Spain and Denmark (one at a time!). Previously, there were two interns from UMass Boston College of Nursing and Health Sciences. These lovely and enthusiastic students are part of the “birth team” and the birthing mothers really love having them as a part of their birth experiences.


“Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside.”
– Margaret Walker