And so I’m in the market with a cart-load of groceries waiting in line to check out. The pregnant woman in front of me has what looks to be about a five year old hanging off the grocery cart, screaming. Her three year old, who is sitting in the cart, is wailing at the top…


Q – I've never been anemic before, but I'm early in my pregnancy and more tired than I remember being with my previous pregnancies.  I'm planning a homebirth, but I was thinking of going in to the Dr. to get the iron test done, though I really don't want to go see my OB because I know the scolding I'm going to get about my previous homebirths.

A – There is no point scheduling the test until you decide what you would do differently if the numbers are low – and – why not assume they are – and do that stuff anyway. Floradix with Iron and Herbs is great, eating every three hours( hey, I eat every two or so!) with lots of foods with iron – get a list on line…. No sugar, white flour, caffeine except for rare treats and before you eat one, you know the deal – eat a fresh fruit or a fresh veggie combined with a whole grain and a protein first so that the baby gets all the GOOD stuff first. 

Remember, a second, third, or fourth baby requires care and feeding – even more attentive than the others -as when you plant tomatoes in the same garden every year, in order to get good tomatoes, you need to really take extra care of the soil !!!