Hospitals are made for sick people.  Pregnancy is not an illness.

Almost every woman who walks into a hospital today is faced with acquiescing to hospital policies – or suffering the contempt and fear that accompanies her refusal to "comply."  Women get  any number of excuses when they ask (rather than demand or simply decide) to birth naturally: We've never done it that way; we tried it once and it didn't work out; you won't make it and you'll be begging us for help before it's over; it's not our responsibility; you'll disturb other patients . . .

People have been being born for as long as there have been people.  Many objections to homebirths, or even natural births that take place in hospitals, cite misinformation or throw around fear and shaming emotional ammunition.

In cultures where the process of birth is trusted and respected, in places where pregnancy is not feared, in women who see themselves and the their bodies as sacred and trustworthy, birth happens naturally, easily, joyfully, and even pleasurably.

Our bodies are not broken.  Our ancestresses upon ancestresses have known how to birth naturally and successfully, or else we would not be here.  Trust your body, trust your birthing.



Another beautiful birth this past Friday!  This dear woman birthed a ten pound two ounce baby! She hired me three weeks ago — she was told she had too much amniotic fluid and the cord would prolapse. The ultrasound said she was carrying a ten pound baby and they wanted to section her.

The woman who hired me a month ago on a Friday night and who birthed the very next day, was told she did not have ENOUGH fluid and the baby would strangle on the umbilical cord — she'd had two sections and birthed quickly and easily.

I also attended a woman in Connecticut last week, who had a beautiful 8 pound 12 ounce baby – a "lightweight"!

No one has faith anymore that women can birth – they don't even bother to palpate ( FEEL) the woman to assess the fluid levels – they have no idea what feels right and what doesn't any more – and they wanted to induce all of these women for a variety of reasons, which would have resulted in three more cesareans for sure.


Q – Can I really have a vaginal birth at home after a cesarean?

A – Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a couple who called me on a Thursday afternoon. They came to  see my that night and we talked for two hours.  Their medical midwives, who had supported a VBAC in certain ways throughout the pregnancy, were beginning to pressure her and to talk about having a section after all. The next night, Friday, at 8 PM, they called and said they had decided to  have a birth at home and asked if i would attend them. The next day, Saturday, the woman went into labor and birthed at home. So you see, it is very possible to have a natural birth after two  - or more  -  cesareans. If you go onto the ICAN website, you will see that women with three, four and five have natural births. But it is imperative that you be with care providers who are relaxed, who are not "knife happy," and who are not fearful — and who want a natural birth for you just about as much as you want one for yourselves. Otherwise, you get cut again…. which is less time or the staff, less anxiety for them, and more $ for their pockets and for the hospital ( I am writing my third book and so I am "in" to all of this stuff again, big time!).