Nancy Wainer is a Certified Professional Midwife who attends home births and who has been present at over 2500 births. She trains student midwives, teaches childbirth classes, is the author of two (soon to be three) books on Birth in the USA. She coined the term VBAC and her work is being archived at Harvard University’s Schlessinger Womens’ History Library. She was selected as one of Mothering Magazines “Living Treasures.”

From a childbirth educator:

She walked into class today so happily. I told her she looks like she is in love. She was glowing and she even started laughing for no reason. It was incredible. She is on an absolute high now that they have met you. I got teary-eyed just looking at her and listening to her… I told the class to look at her and see the difference. I told them this is what happens to us when we find the right partner. The right love, the right best friend, the right provider. They want very much to birth with you. I couldn’t be happier.